PARIS - BELLEVILLE: Immerse yourself in this helter skelter of a neighborhood, plunge along the corner shops and cobblestones that make Belleville the most eclectic and diverse neighborhood in Paris. Florence Loiret-Caille will guide you through this popular hood she knows well, in exchange, help her find her true love. Help her find Spleen, her musician lover who disappeared. Visit the Chinese markets, the Tunisian-Jewish cafes, the Arabic pastry shops and meet the storekeepers, musicians and artists that make it all so lively. Interact with the people that live here as you walk by mosques and churches, talk to photographers, sculptors, and rappers. Real people who will share the real story of Edith Piaf’s old neighborhood, where life is not always so rosey. Become part of this environment with no borders where love and desperation is understood by all. This is when you learn we are all the same, we all walk to the same sound.